Glue and Gork

For whatever reason, I deemed our watching of Once Upon A Time “gorking out”, and decided to multi task and continue hot gluing acorns to the autumn wreath I’m making. So, for the glue and gork*, I’ll be seriously contemplating the season opener of my addiction. With threads of dried hot glue creating a web across my desk. Really what I’ll be considering is the fanciful coincidence that my three and half year old housemate sings “Let It Go”. All. The. Time. The two and a half year old says, “For the first time in forever!” like it’s a battle cry. I suppose for him, it is…


So, Elsa and Anna are showing up on my stories, and I feel the itch of guilty Storybrooke pleasure. My DVR awaits! I hope there’s someone I know who will commiserate with me tomorrow regarding the development of Captain Swan. If you don’t know what I mean, you won’t know what I mean. Ah, first world entertainment. It pulls us from being present into being somewhere else, out of our bodies, acknowledging that multiple universes exist simultaneously and we can connect to all of them. All of them. Seriously, without even using magic portals or anything! Reality is amazing, isn’t it? No wonder I like faery tales so much…

SnowWhiteSleeping* I just looked it up: gorked out, like Snow White!

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